How to lower the blood cholesterol with 10 foods?

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become essential in today’s hectic lifestyle. One significant aspect of our well-being is to lower the cholesterol and its management. High cholesterol levels can lead to various health issues, including heart disease and stroke. While medication can help, incorporating the right foods into your diet can also play a crucial … Read more

Does dietary fats affects blood cholesterol and triglycerides?

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Fat and cholesterol play a vital role in supporting optimal bodily functions when consumed in appropriate quantities. However, excessive consumption of these fats and cholesterol can potentially contribute to the development of various diseases. Being overweight, obese, or consuming excessive amounts of saturated fats are significant risk factors associated with elevated cholesterol levels. Saturated fats … Read more

Vitamin E: Functions, Food Sources, and Deficiencies

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Vitamin E, also known as “Tocopherol” in biological terms, is a crucial fat-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in promoting overall well-being. It plays an essential role in numerous physiological processes, including the immune system’s functionality, cell membrane protection, and the mitigation of chronic diseases. Additionally, it is recognized as a vitamin with anti-sterility … Read more

Symptoms and risk of diabetes


Diabetes, medically known as diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disorder that impacts insulin, a hormone responsible for the breakdown of sugars in ingested food and their conversion into glucose to provide energy to the body. Diabetes is a chronic illness, meaning that it lasts for a long time. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a condition … Read more

Vitamin D: Functions, Deficiencies, and Food Sources

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Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin or anti-Rachitic vitamin. Vitamin D is a class of compounds that are structurally related to sterols. Vitamin D is a vital micronutrient that performs an essential function in sustaining general health and wellbeing. The two most significant forms of this vitamin are vitamin D2, also known … Read more

Are protein powders good or bad?

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Amino acids combine to form proteins, which are the main building blocks of muscle and other tissues in the body. They are also used to make hemoglobin, enzymes, and hormones. Proteins can also be used as energy; however, they are not the primary choice as an energy source. Protein powders and functions For individuals trying … Read more